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Dream it. Build it. Ship it.

Turn your Web3 Projects into a Strong Business.

The 12-week accelerator track, ‘States Launch’ provides more than just the opportunity to raise capital. The early startup teams get access to mentorship, exclusive networking events, and tailored advice during our workshops.

  • Beginning Date
    November 28th, 2022
  • Type
    teams only
  • Exclusive Mentorship

    Each cohort comprises of only 3 projects so that States DAO mentors can dedicate more time to each project. There will be weekly office hours as well as time for 1-on-1 sessions.

  • Business-Focused Training Sessions

    Alongside with top mentors States DAO and our partnered experts will assist you through training sessions on tokenomics, legal structure, hiring, and more, to help turn your idea into a stable business.

  • Invaluable Networking Opportunities

    States DAO has strong relationships with the top communities, builders, and VCs in crypto. This is an opportunity for project teams to connect to States DAO’s network and find the needed resources!


  • Week 1~2

    Mentorship Alignment

    • Onboarding
    • Set Goals and OKRs
    • 1:1s with Mentors
  • Week 3~8

    Building and Education

    • AMAs with Web3 Business Experts
    • Weekly office hours w/ Mentors
    • Business Training Sessions (Legal, Tokenomics, Marketing, etc.)
    • Product Training Sessions (Product, Tech, etc.)
  • Week 9~12


    • Pitch deck overhaul
    • Fundraising strategy
    • Investor pitch practice
    • VC introductions
    • Demo Day

Business Training Sessions

  • Tokenomics + Token Design

    Coming soon

  • Legal + Company Structure

    Coming soon

  • Arnav Bhardwaj

    Marketing + PR Training

    Arnav Bhardwaj
    Arnav Bhardwaj
    Growth Marketing Lead @Cointelegraph
  • Product + Tech

    Coming soon

  • Hiring

    Coming soon


Ingi Kim

Founder @States DAO Founder&CEO @Code States

Bill Byeon

Co-founder @Encoding Labs


Co-Founder @New Order

Payton Lee

Founder @Chancegamer LLC.

Ben Kim

Founder & CEO @Superblock

Jaehoon Shim

CEO @Team Hopae

Investment Portfolio

Here are the projects we incubated and invested in. Participate in our fellowship, and join the list!


  • Is there a cost to joining the fellowship?

    The States Launch is entirely free. All you need is access to the internet. We offer our fellowship free of charge so startup teams can gain valuable insights while building their businesses.

  • Who should sign up for States Launch?

    States Launch is designed for early stage startups. We are looking for teams who could launch their project and/or raise funding within three months.

  • Will there be investment opportunities when I finish the States Launch?

    States DAO also has an Investment DAO which invests in promising startups. If you are interested in investment opportunities, our Investment DAO team can review your project or connect you to our venture partners.

  • When does the course start and end?

    The course will begin in November 2022 and end in January 2023. It is a twelve-week course.